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Project Leader: Dr Tracey Bretag – Business School, University of South Australia

Tracey Bretag photoDr Bretag was the Project Leader of the OLT Commissioned project (2012-2013): Embedding and extending exemplary academic integrity policy and support frameworks across the higher education sector (SP12-2327) ($299,000). From 2010-2012, she was the Project Leader of the OLT/ALTC Priority project: Academic integrity standards: Aligning policy and practice in Australian universities (PP10-1783)($174,000). From 2012-2014 Tracey was the Director of the UniSA Global Experience Program, a university-wide, extra-curricular program designed to broaden students’ horizons and expand their leadership potential through intercultural engagement. During this time, she initiated five study tours to Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam). Tracey continues to lead an annual study tour to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, alongside teaching communication and professional development courses in the School of Management. Tracey has published two books, three book chapters, 19 articles in top-tier journals and she is the Editor of International Journal of Educational Integrity.


Project team member: Prof. Ying Zhu – Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Australia

yingProfessor Ying has received numerous awards and has published 11 books, 42 book chapters and 45 articles in top-tier academic journals. He has secured three ARC Discovery grants and an ARC Linkage grant in the past eight years. As chief investigator he was awarded his third ARC Discovery Grant worth $223,230 in 2012. His contributions were recently acknowledged by the Achievement in Research Excellence Award in the Category of Established Career Researcher for 2013, UniSA Business School. He is a leading researcher in globalization, cross-cultural management and human resource management. He will provide in-kind support and allocate 0.20 of his workload to provide support in terms of cross-cultural management and qualitative research methodologies with a focus on Asia.


Project team member: Dr Robert van der Veen, Oxford Brooks University, UK

robertDr van der Veen is a full-time research fellow in the Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Australia and an early career researcher. His PhD was conferred in October 2009 and has written eight peer-reviewed journal articles, including two ABDC (2013) A*-ranked and four A-ranked journal articles. He has published six full papers in conference proceedings and received a best paper award at the Asia Tourism Forum in 2010. Since he commenced his position in 2012 he received five UniSA Business School grants and awards with a total worth of $36,600. He currently serves as a guest editor for a special issue for the Journal of China Tourism Research.


Project Manager: Ms Sonia Saddiqui, University of South Australia

soniaMs Saddiqui is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University’s School of Education. She comes to this project with project management experience from the recently concluded OLT Strategic Priority Project, Academic Integrity in Australia – Understanding and Changing Culture and Practice. In addition to her current research management role with the UniSA, Ms Saddiqui is also an Academic Advocacy Officer at Central Queensland University Student Association and a casual academic at Macquarie University’s Learning & Teaching Center. She is also the Deputy Chair of the Asia-Pacific Forum for Educational Integrity and Chair of the Academic Integrity Ambassadors at Macquarie University.

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